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Dec 27, 2019

HQIN’s Quality Measure Tip Sheets Highlight Steps for Proper MDS Coding


While joining the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) opens doors to collaboration and learning opportunities from high-performing facilities, your nursing home will also gain access to tips and tools that can be quickly applied to your improvement efforts.

For example, HQIN offers several effective Minimum Data Set (MDS) coding tip sheets to assist your coordinator. One of HQIN’s most popular Quality Measure Tip Sheets walks you through the MDS coding process for Urinary Tract Infections (Long Stay). The tip sheet offers a step-by-step guide to eliminate miscoding and help improve your bottom line.

An additional tool, “Think 2 for UTIs,” is a one-page tip sheet for easy display at your desk that provides links to evidence-based criteria for proper coding.

Sign up for the HQIN nursing home quality improvement initiative today and start getting access to all of HQIN’s tools!

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