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Feb 19, 2020

Building Your Business Case for Quality Improvement


The decision to implement a quality improvement initiative is one that requires thoughtful consideration of how the project may impact your staff, your residents/patients, other organization-wide initiatives, and your bottom line. A business case that demonstrates your understanding of this impact and the benefits to your organization, facility or practice should be incorporated into your presentation to leadership.

Our “Building Your Business Case for Quality Improvement” template can help you organize your thoughts and the key details of the initiative. The template is divided into two columns: the left-hand column includes seven elements of a business case and suggests specific points to address; the right-hand column provides the space to build your case. To use the template and build a case tailored to your organization, review each business case element and consider its application to the quality improvement initiative you are proposing.

The “Building Your Business Case for Quality Improvement” template is one example of the tools and resources available to members of HQIN. Not yet a member? Visit www.hqin.org to learn how our no-cost support can help you improve outcomes for patients, deliver better resident care and improve care transitions and population health.