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Nursing Homes

The more than 1,200 nursing homes participating in the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) program receive assistance from the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) to make sustainable changes that improve performance and deliver high quality resident-centered care.

Participants receive no-cost training, access to quality improvement tools and resources and data analyses to guide their progress. They also receive coaching from Health Quality Innovators or one of our locally based HQIN improvement partners, Constellation Quality Health or the KFMC Health Improvement Partners. In addition to improving care at the local level, participating nursing homes contribute to these significant national goals:

  • Reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency department visits.
  • Prevent adverse drug events including those related to high-risk medications such as opioids, anticoagulants and diabetic agents.
  • Reduce hospitalizations for facility-onset C. difficile and and other harmful infections including COVID-19, sepsis, urinary tract infection and pneumonia.
  • Prevent viral outbreaks through infection control best practices.
  • Increase resident immunization rates for influenza, pneumonia and COVID-19.

Collaborate with the HQIN to Improve Resident Care

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Testimonial from Crystal Larson, LNHA. “If you’re not working with HQIN, you are missing out. Their no-cost nursing home quality improvement assistance is flexible and adjustable to meet our needs. We participate in educational programs when it’s convenient to us and only for topics that we find useful. Sometimes I reach out to HQIN for coaching and other times I just need a resource, and they always provide me with the right amount of information to address our needs.” Crystal Larson, LNHA Administrator, Lynn Care Center

Who We Help

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