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Patients and Caregivers

The Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) brings together patients, caregivers and advocates through our Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to help health care providers in your community deliver better care. The council provides feedback and suggestions to enhance our quality improvement initiatives with doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and community partners in Kansas, Missouri, South Carolina and Virginia.

Your Voice Can Make a Difference – Become a Patient and Family Advisor

Volunteer today to serve as an advisor on our council. In this role, you will support health care quality improvement activities that focus on:

    1. Promoting better communication among patients, family members, caregivers and health care professionals
    2. Empowering patients to become more involved in managing their own health
    3. Improving the patient experience and satisfaction of care
    4. Making health care equal for everyone

Click here to learn more about our Patient and Family Advisory Council, what you will do as an advisor and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Complete our interest form here. You will receive an email or phone call from an HQIN team member who will provide you with more information about HQIN and answer any of your questions.

Meet Our Current Advisors

Kathy Bradley – Following a 33-year career serving people with developmental disabilities, Kathy Bradley, Founder, CEO and Board President of Our Mother’s Voice, and a member of the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), found herself once again as an advocate for both her father-in-law and mother who both suddenly declined into severe dementia. Read more about Kathy.

Kay Laughton – Kay’s passion for patient, provider and caregiver relationships makes her an effective member the Health Quality Innovation Network’s (HQIN) Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). She brings her experience as a caretaker to the council and is doing her part to make sure that caregivers receive the help they need, and that patients receive the respect, they deserve. Read more about Kay.

Yancey Lockhart – Yancey Lockhart’s inspiration to become a pharmacist was solidified during his early 20s when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He remembers how personable the pharmacist was with helping his mom understand her condition and how to take care of herself during treatment. The provider-to-patient connection was above and beyond simply filling a prescription. Read more about Yancey.

Deborah Merrill – Advocate groups exist to fight for the freedom and rights of many groups in the United States, and Deborah Merrill, a current board member for the Kansas Advocates for Better Care as well as a member of the Health Quality Innovation Network’s (HQIN) Patient and Family Advisory Council, strives to build a stronger voice of advocacy for older adults. Read more about Deborah.

Ellen Netting – Experience as an advocate for older adults is a characteristic that makes for an essential member of a Patient and Family Advisory Council Committee (PFAC). As a former social worker and educator, Ellen Netting is a vital contributor to the Health Quality Innovation Network’s (HQIN) PFAC. Her professional experience in gerontology helps her support patients to advocate for themselves and their families. Read more about Ellen.

Keisha Payton – Being an effective patient advocate includes learning to speak up and knowing the rights entitled to a patient, according to Keisha Payton, a pathology specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and member of the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Read more about Keisha.

Martina Tatum – From her first job as a dental assistant in her native Germany to her current role as a community health worker at Gateway Health in Virginia, Martina Tatum is at ease building relationships with those she serves. Read more about Martina.

Dorothy Winningham – Dorothy’s dedication to patient advocacy makes her an important voice on the Health Quality Innovation Network’s (HQIN) Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Her compassion for patients derives from her life experiences as a caregiver, and the council has afforded her training opportunities to enhance her expertise. Read more about Dorothy.

Visit our Resource Center to access tools and materials designed to help patients, families and caregivers play a more active role in managing their health care.

Who We Help