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Apr 1, 2020

CMS Gives Providers Greater Flexibility to Maximize COVID-19 Response


CMS on Tuesday issued temporary regulatory waivers and new rules to equip the American healthcare system with maximum flexibility to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes allow hospitals and health systems to deliver services at other locations to make room for COVID-19 patients needing acute care in their main facility. The actions empower local hospitals and healthcare systems to:

  • Use non-hospital buildings and spaces for patient care and quarantine sites
  • Expand access to testing by performing COVID-19 tests in community-based settings outside of the hospital
  • Hire physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to address potential surges
  • Provide more than 80 additional services to Medicare beneficiaries via telehealth

For additional background information on the waivers and rule changes, go to: https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/fact-sheets/additional-backgroundsweeping-regulatory-changes-help-us-healthcare-system-address-covid-19-patient. For more information on the COVID-19 waivers and guidance, and the Interim Final Rule, please go to the CMS COVID-19 flexibilities webpage: https://www.cms.gov/about-cms/emergency-preparedness-response-operations/current-emergencies/coronavirus-waivers. A copy of Tuesday’s full announcement can be found at: https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/press-releases/trump-administration-makes-sweeping-regulatory-changes-help-us-healthcare-system-address-covid-19. For the latest information about COVID-19 visit www.coronavirus.gov. For a complete and updated list of CMS actions, and other information specific to CMS, please visit the Current Emergencies Website.