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Jan 29, 2020

Receive No-Cost Support to Implement Your QAPI Program


Developing and implementing a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program not only ensures your facility meets regulatory requirements, but also helps you deliver the best care to your residents. By joining the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN), you will receive no-cost assistance to strengthen nursing home quality. Help developing your QAPI program is just one of the many benefits available to HQIN participants.

A strong QAPI plan includes the following elements:

1. Design and Scope of QAPI in Your Facility: Engage your entire team throughout the process to build consensus and ensure all staff understand the goals and objectives.

2. Governance and Leadership: Seek involvement from residents and families and ensure employees are comfortable sharing suggestions and concerns.

3. Feedback, Data Systems and Monitoring: Select meaningful data to monitor performance, share results with employees and act when goals are not achieved.

4. Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs): Identify areas where you need to improve and assemble cross-departmental teams to tackle your priorities.

5. Systematic Analysis and Systemic Action: Conduct a Root Cause Analysis to identify the underlying issues that contribute to performance (i.e., poor communication).

Join HQIN Today

As an HQIN member, you can strengthen care for residents, increase job satisfaction for staff, and improve quality measures which impact your star rating. With your time at a premium, HQIN’s trainings are designed to be quick-hitting, bite-size segments for clinicians and frontline staff. Resources include printable materials you can use and share with staff. We also feature educational programming that can be attended live or viewed at your convenience.