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May 21, 2024

Health Equity Learning Module Series

This series of brief learning modules highlight practical and actionable steps leadership, clinicians and staff can take to reduce disparities in the care they provide.

Module 1: Collecting REAL Data
Module 1 Resource: REAL Data Collection Script and Definition
Module 1 Resource: REAL Data Collection Questions & Answers
Module 1 Resource: LGBTQIA+ Health Education Training
Module 2: Using REAL Data
Module 2 Resource: Fishbone Diagram
Module 2 Resource: Five Whys Worksheet
Module 2 Resource: Priority Matrix
Module 2 Resource: PDSA Worksheet
Module 3: SDOH Part 1: Overview of Social Determinants of Health
Module 4: SDOH Part 2: Screening and Using Data to Address Social Determinants
Module 5: SDOH Part 3: Integrating Social Determinants of Health Screenings into Your Workflow
Module 5 Resource: SDOH General Resources
Module 5 Resource: Social Needs Screening Tools
Module 5 Resource: PDSA Worksheet
Module 6: SDOH Part 4: Using Z codes to Capture Social Determinants of Health
Module 6 Resource: Using Z Codes: The Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Data Journey to Better Outcomes
Module 6 Resource: ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting (FY 2022 - UPDATED April 1, 2022)
Module 6 Resource: ICD-10-CM Coding for Social Determinants of Health
Module 7: Implicit Bias
Module 7 Resource: Combating Implicit Bias and Stereotypes
Module 7 Resource: Project Implicit Implicit Bias Test
Module 7 Resource: Patient race/ethnicity and quality of patient-physician communication during medical visits
Module 7 Resource: Implicit bias in healthcare professionals: a systematic review
Module 8: Part 1: Community-Based Partnerships
Module 9: Part 2: Community-Based Partnerships
Module 9 Resource: A Food Pantry in a Hospital?
Module 9 Resource: Food as Medicine
Module 9 Resource: Collaborations Between Health Systems and Community-Based Organizations
Module 9 Resource: Community Partnerships: Strategies to Accelerate Health Equity
Module 9 Resource: A Playbook for Fostering Hospital-Community Partnerships