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May 6, 2024

High Reliability Leadership Learning Module Series

This series of brief learning modules was created to help leaders adopt and implement a high reliability culture in their organizations.

Module 1: Overview of High Reliability Principles
Module 1 Resource: Safety I vs. Safety II White Paper
Module 1 Resource: Joint Commission High Reliability Resources
Module 1 Resource: Five Whys Worksheet
Module 2: High Reliability Organization Tools and Practices
Module 2 Resource: AHRQ Safety Culture Survey
Module 2 Resource: Huddle Quick Start Guide
Module 2 Resource: SBAR, IPASS the BATON, and CUS
Module 2 Resource: Blog Post – HRO Culture
Module 3: High Reliability Leadership Practices
Module 4: Just Culture and Fair Accountability
Module 4 Resource: The Incident Decision Tree
Module 4 Resource: AHRQ Safety Culture Resource List
Module 4 Resource: Institute for Healthcare Improvement
BONUS MODULE: High Reliability and Health Equity