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Sep 23, 2021

Sepsis Awareness Month Resources

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Remember that September is Sepsis Awareness Month. Access the following resources to help spread awareness.
  1. Nursing home residents are over six times more likely to present with sepsis in the emergency room than non-nursing home residents. Sepsis Alliance explains some of the issues that can increase sepsis risk. Learn more.
  2. Access training modules from the Sepsis Alliance for providers across the continuum of care, from primary care practitioners, emergency medical services personnel, nurses and emergency room physicians.
  3. Help your patients understand the risks and spot the signs and symptoms of sepsis. Download and post these flyers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to encourage patients and families to start a conversation with doctors or nurses in your facility.
  4. Access educational materials from the Get Ahead of Sepsis national educational effort from the CDC that emphasizes the importance of early recognition, timely treatment, reassessment of antibiotic needs and prevention of infections.
  5. Download the Sepsis Awareness Month toolkit from the Sepsis Alliance to access tools that health care providers and community leaders need to raise sepsis awareness in their community.
Other resources include: