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Aug 8, 2022

HEARTS in America Initiative Webinar Series

Access the slides and recordings for the HEARTS in American initiative webinar series

Slides: Improving Hypertension Control Call to Action - August 10, 2022
SLIDES: Standardized, Simple Pharmacologic Treatment Protocols: A Critical Component of Effective Hypertension Control - August 24, 2022
Slides: Importance of Assessing CVD Risk and Monitoring - September 7, 2022
Slides: Critical Drivers of Hypertension: HEARTS Clinical Pathway to Improve Hypertension Control in Primary Care Practice - September 21, 2022
Slides: Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Disease Paradigm - October 5, 2022
Slides: HEARTS in America Alignment and Cohesion with National Best Practices - October 19, 2022
Slides: Hypertension & CVD Disparities within Healthcare: Lessons From Barbados - November 2, 2022
Slides: Hypertension Clinical Pathway: The Importance of Hypertension Control in Primary Care - November 16, 2022
Slides: Review of Key Concepts and Tools to Increase Hypertension Control - November 30, 2022