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Apr 3, 2024

Daily Strategies To Use During Your Nursing Home Stand-Up Meetings

The following Health Quality Innovation Network resource is a 9-week education series tailored for nursing home stand-up meetings, aimed at decreasing preventable emergency room (ED) visits and hospital readmissions.

Each week of this resource contains five short, concentrated evidence-based talking points that can easily be included in daily stand-up meetings to increase staff knowledge on relevant topics like effective communication, adverse drug events and infection prevention. The program is designed to empower caregivers with practical knowledge to foster a safer environment.

Download the topic(s) that you want to focus on in your facility or download the entire series and work through all nine weeks.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this education series. Please share your experience in using the content and materials offered in the Nursing Home Stand-Up Series.

Nursing Home Stand-Up Meetings - Full Series
Week 1 - Pneumonia
Week 2 - UTIs
Week 3 - Sepsis
Week 4 - Adverse Drug Events - Anticoagulants
Week 5 - Adverse Drug Events - Opioids
Week 6 - Medication Reconciliation
Week 7 - Discharge Analysis
Week 8 - Falls
Week 9 - Purposeful Conversations